The 100th Anniversary Special edition Mazda Lineup in Woodbridge, Ontario

If you are shopping for any Mazda model, contact us today for all your Mazda vehicles' needs. We are a leading manufacturer-licensed dealership in Woodbridge, Ontario, who also serves customers in the neighbouring Maple, Vaughan, Kleinburg, Thornhill, Toronto, Brampton, Bolton and other towns in Ontario. Customers will enjoy enormous discounts for different Mazda vehicles as part of our 100th-anniversary special edition cars by dealing with us. As a manufacturer licensed dealership, we are joining Mazda in celebrating the historic milestone of ticking a century since the company was established. As part of our celebrations and gratitude to our clients, we have great discounts on all Mazda models.

Mazda's 100th Anniversary Special Edition Vehicles

As part of the company's 100 years of existence celebrations, Mazda will release Special Edition models to celebrate this milestone. Some of these vehicles are highlighted below:


The car features the latest safety features as standard with an excellent infotainment system. It is one of the best compact cars in its class, and it is easy to maintain.

Mazda3 Sport

The Mazda3 Sport is a sport and refinement version of the Mazda3. The 100th-anniversary special edition features numerous colours with creative, sharp contrasts. Buyers can buy any of the three body colours: white snowflake pearl with soul red, jet-black packages, and gloss black for the soul red.


Mazda CX is a popular model, and this 100th-anniversary special edition model features the manufacturer's vintage feature. The model will also feature the latest technologies in the automobile industry and its special safety edition.


The special edition CX-9 will feature the 100th-anniversary badge just as every vehicle will have it. Other standard features will include the 100th-anniversary logo embossed on the key fob, headrests, and wheel center caps.


MX-5 will be available as a special edition model with snowflake white pearl exteriors and an interior design characterized by the Garnet leather-trimmed seats. It will also feature red floor carpets and mat. The 100th-anniversary logo will also be embossed on its headrests, key fobs and wheel rims.


The MX-5 RF model will not differ from the other special models designed for celebrating the manufacturer's 100th anniversary. As such, it will also feature a 100th-anniversary logo on its body, key fob, headrests, and wheel center caps.

Mazda R360

Mazda R360 was the first-ever passenger car to be produced by the company. In fact, special editions' models, such as MX-5, CX-30, and Mazda3, are inspired by Mazda R360 Coupe's original styling. The Mazda R360 features burgundy luxury leather seats, burgundy luxury floor mats, and a distinctive dark cherry fabric roof.

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