Pre-order Your Customized Mazda in Woodbridge, Ontario

Mazda's vehicles come in a variety of models, trims, colours, and options. Dealerships usually stock the most popular configuration, but that may not include everything you're looking for in a vehicle. That's why Prima Mazda has developed a convenient Build & Price Mazda tool. Through this tool, you get to configure and pre-order a Mazda vehicle to your exact specifications. Pre-ordering your new Mazda is the best way to guarantee you get the exact model, trim, and features that you are looking for, including the type of transmission to the colour of the upholstery.

Prima Mazda's Build & Price Tool

Pre-order and customize Mazda vehicles using our Build & Price tool that lets you pick every detail about your new Mazda without having to leave the comfort of your own home. You'll be able to choose everything from the vehicle type, year, and model to the drivetrain and transmission. You will then get to choose the specific trim and view prices for each one. The next step in the Build & Price tool will allow you to pick the exterior paint colour and interior upholstery if available in other options.

When you custom order your Mazda, you'll be able to add options and packages to your custom Mazda vehicle. As you customize your Mazda to suit your every requirement, you'll be able to view the final price and calculate payment. We provide a payment calculator for leasing and financing that allows you to estimate your payment frequency, interest rates, and payment terms. When you view the summary of your build, you'll be able to add the value of your trade-in to lower your cash payment total price.

Pre-order Customized Mazda Vehicles in Woodbridge, Ontario

When you pre-order a custom Mazda at our dealership in Woodbridge, Ontario, you get to Customize Mazda vehicles according to your exact preferences. Don't settle for less. Contact us and pre-order your customized Mazda from our build and price tool today!