Car Repairs


When to replace engine air filter

Over time, your engine air filter will collect dirt and debris and needs to be replaced. Replacing the engine filter is an important maintenance that is often overlooked by drivers. Typical you should replace the air filter every 24, 000 km to 40, 000 km however, confirm with owners manual to determine your cars specific recommendation. Often you should be able to tell just by looking when a filter needs to be replaced.


Air filters on most engines are fairly easy to access however, if you have trouble locating it then check your owner's manual for assistance. Clogged air filter can hurt acceleration, so it is best to periodically check the engine air filter to see if it needs replacing.

Carbon Air Filters

Carbon filters catches dust and pollen and other air born pollutant coming into the car, which can ruin the driving experience and can be unhealthy. You should always change your filter every 15,000 km or yearly but depending on the environment that can change. It is made of multi layer design to absorb as much as possible. Every time you have your car checked, make sure to take a look at the filter to see if it needs changing. 

Dents on car

No matter how careful you are with your car, there will be that one shopping cart, or a random football or out-of-nowhere light post that can cause a dent. If you get any small dents or dings then here are some tips to fixing them.

·        If you see the paint has scratched off the surface, touch it up with paint. Make sure to take care of any rust, dings or dent before you prime and paint the vehicle.

  • If a steel surface has been pushed in and hasn't been badly creased, you can try to pop it back into place a rubber plunger. It may take a couple of tries before you are successful, but keep in mind this will not work on plastic body parts.
  • If you have small dents in a steel part, you can attempt to hammer them out by placing a flat piece of metal on the outer side of the vehicle and banging the dent from the underside with a flat-ended hammer. This is something you have to be very careful or you will end up with new bumps. Do not try this with aluminum, which can stretch or try with plastic, which is likely to crack.
If you have very small dings or places where the paint has chipped, you can fill them in with glazing putty. If the damaged area is larger than a very small and shallow ding, you will have to use body filler however, it would be best recommended to have a technician fix them. Book an appointment with Prima Mazda for all dent repairs.


Cracked Windshield repair

Windshields are designed to provide structural support for the vehicle along with standing up to stress of driving on highways however, damages are inevitable. Most chips and cracks on windshield can be repaired however, it also depends size, type location and depth of the damage.  

It is best to have a technician evaluate the damages to determine if the windshield is reparable. So book an appointment with Prima Mazda for your windshield repair..


Axles Repair

Inspecting axle regularly will prevent more expensive repairs in the long run. The cost to repair car axle can dramatically increase if you have to replace one or both axles.

Functions of your car axles

The axles are what provide power to the front and rear wheels to the car. In order to stay in good working shape, they should be regularly maintained and repaired.

If you begin to notice shimmying, shaking or shuddering while driving schedule an appointment with Prima Mazda and have a technician take a look. They are able to detect developing issues just from a visual inspection so it's best to have them check it out.

Replacing your car's axles will cost a pretty penny, in order to prevent that, have our technician inspect your vehicle by booking an appointment with Prima Mazda.

Multi-point inspection

Multi-point inspection means your vehicle is be checked over in a number of key areas to determine if there are any upkeep that should be performed to improve the longevity of the vehicle.Here is what the Mazda Multi-Inspection includes.


Book an appointment with Prima Mazda for your multi-point inspection today!