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Transmission is one of the most important mechanical systems. Without a working transmission, your engine would be not be able to send power to your wheels. It is highly recommended to repair your transmission if there is ever any issue so your vehicle can remain in great driving shape. Here are some common indicators that your transmission needs repair.
No matter what vehicle you are driving, regardless of the age, make or model, engine problems will eventually happen. Proper maintenance can help reduce the needs for a car repair; it not a guarantee that a car will not break down. The more kilometers a car accumulates, the chances of an engine problem increases. Keep in mind, not all engine problems are serious, but here are some common engine problems your vehicle may face.
Brake fluid is almost a forgotten fluid for many vehicle drivers; even those regularly check their engine oil and tire pressure. While brake fluid is often neglected, as the lifeblood of your braking system, it has one of the biggest jobs of all. Here are some reasons why you should change your brake fluid.

A car battery should last you around four to five years. It is not made to hold a charge for that long, so the car's alternator recharges it while you drive. Learn more about what is wrong with the battery.


The exhaust system is one of the hardest working systems on your vehicle. It keeps the harmful fumes away from the engine and passenger cabin all while increasing vehicle performance and reducing the noise of the engine. Take a look at some the issues your exhaust system might face.

Noises are part of operating a vehicle, however there are some noises that you should not avoid. Make sure to stay alert for any of these noise.

Tires tires tires! Learn all about them! Here we tell how to balance and rotate your tires along with the different types of tires there, as well as what you should do when you have worn tires!

Give your car the TLC it needs! Learn how to replace air filters, fix small dents in the car along with information about the Mazda Multi-Point Inspection.