Quick Tips About Mazda Vehicles

Quick Tips About Mazda in Woodbridge, ON

Do you have any questions regarding your car? Prima Mazda has the answers. If you do most of your commuting in Woodbridge, Toronto, Brampton, Bolton, or Vaughan, Ontario, feel free to consult our quick tips and contact us to book a service for your Mazda.

What's Wrong with My Transmission?

Your transmission is tasked with sending power to your wheels, and there are several signs that can tell you it's ailing. If you detect any leaks underneath your car, your transmission could be losing fluid, and if you're having trouble shifting or your transmission is slipping into different gears on its own, it's likely time to book some repairs with our Service Centre.

My Engine Won't Start

Engine trouble could be due to many reasons, often because of a faulty battery. Other potential causes include a defective fuel pump, an ignition switch failure, or a clogged fuel filter, and if your engine is overheating, common reasons include low coolant levels, a damaged radiator cap, or a faulty thermostat. If you're having engine trouble, bring us your Mazda as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis.

Why Should I Change My Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is what sends pressure from your brake pedal to the cylinder and calipers that activate the brake pads to bring your car to a stop. If your brake pedal is firm, dropping, or lacking responsiveness, it's probably time to get your brake fluid levels tended to.

What's Wrong with My Battery?

Your battery is very sensitive and vulnerable in extreme weather. If you hear a low humming sound when trying to start your car, your battery is likely dead, with other common tells including leaks, a swollen battery case, slow engine crank, and little to no accessory power. If you're experiencing one or any combination of these issues, your Mazda needs a new battery.

Why Is My Car Making Noise?

Your car is capable of making a variety of noises, with each pointing to a different issue. An unpleasant sound while cornering often means your steering wheel needs some lubrication, a clunking sound when braking usually points to an issue with a caliper, while a hissing or sizzling sound when you cut the engine often means one of your fluids is leaking. Should you detect any of these problems and sounds, we recommend bringing us your Mazda as soon as possible to get its components looked at.


Like every integral component of your vehicle, your tires need some TLC every now and then. Tire balancing ensures that your tires' weight is evenly distributed, while tire rotation helps each one wear out evenly and prolongs your rubber's lifespan. These affordable services allow you to make the most of your tires while maintaining optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Car Repairs

Whether your vehicle needs some standard maintenance or more extensive repairs, Prima Mazda can oblige. Replacing your Mazda's many filters, flushing and replenishing fluids, and thorough inspections are all part of our service and maintenance program, and our certified technicians can also tackle heavier repairs, whether your bodywork has sustained some dents, your windshield is cracked, or your axle needs a professional assessment.

Our dealership does far more than tend to consumers' Mazda vehicles, as we make it easy to shop for your next car and apply for financing with our online credit form. If you're looking to sell your current car before treating yourself to a new Mazda from our fleet, you can take advantage of our trade-in appraisal service before selling us your vehicle to save more on your new purchase. Contact us at Prima Mazda today for more information.

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