We Buy Cars

If you're thinking of selling your car, you're usually faced with two options: sell to a dealership or privately. Selling your car to a trusted dealership takes the stress out of the selling process. Skip the long process of putting up an ad, finding an interested buyer, price haggling, and compiling documents. At Prima Mazda in Woodbridge, Ontario, we buy all cars. When you sell to us, you can ensure you're getting the best price on the market and a hassle-free experience.

What to Do Before You Sell a Car in Ontario

Before you sell your car, take the time to wash your car and replace parts like floor mats and windshield wipers to increase your vehicle's value. Include your car's maintenance schedule to show it's been well cared for. You should also mention any special optional features or accessories you've added to it. The make, model, mileage, and year will all affect the selling price.

Buy or Sell a Used Vehicle in Ontario

In Ontario, when you sell a used vehicle, you are required to purchase a Used Vehicle Information Package and include it in the sale. You also need to complete a form that transfers ownership. You'll need to include your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and a certificate that verifies the vehicle meets safety standards. When you buy a used vehicle in Ontario, you need to extensively research the vehicle history and ensure you collect the necessary documents, such as the Bill of Sale that's signed and dated by both the buyer and seller.

How to Sell a Car at a Dealership

The only thing you need to do is contact us and let us know you're interested in selling your car to us. Leave the rest to us! At Prima Mazda, we simplify this process. We do the work so you don't have to. Our team will prepare the necessary documents needed to complete the selling process and let you know what forms to bring along.

Sell Your Car to Prima Mazda

When you sell to us, you can ensure you're getting the best price while avoiding the stress of selling a car privately. We will thoroughly inspect the vehicle to determine a fair price. Selling your car to us is an excellent way of lowering your down payment and monthly rates if you decide to finance and purchase another car off our lot. While we inspect your vehicle, feel free to take one of our new Mazda's for a test drive. Visit us in Woodbridge, Ontario, today!