Canada symbolizes multiculturism, love, acceptance, and equality. At Prima Mazda, we are proud to be Canadian and strive to bring uniformity to our customer service delivery. We understand buying a new or pre-owned car can often be very stressful. And, we anticipate you will have several questions about the New Mazda Lineup in our Showroom, our Service Centre, financing options, warranty or added protection, and more. Even if English is your first language, navigating the car buying process can be complicated. That is why at Prima Mazda, we want to create an inclusive environment for all to feel welcome, secure, and informed throughout the entire vehicle ownership experience.

We understand the cultural diversity within our communities and want to break down the added stress of language barriers during any automotive experience. We want you to know we speak your language.

To serve you better, we have a multicultural team of automotive experts that reflect our diverse communities of Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Bolton, Vaughan, Bramalea and Greater Toronto Area. Our staff speaks several languages. When you come to Prima Mazda, you can have peace of mind knowing that our team will understand you and that you will understand us. Visit our Mazda Dealership or Contact Us. If English is not your preferred or first language, ask to speak with someone who speaks your language of choice.

We speak Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Farsi, Vietnamese, Spanish, Tagalog, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, and Hungarian. At Prima Mazda, communication is never a barrier. We invite you to browse our Inventory of New and Pre-Owned Vehicles or utilize the services in our Service and Parts Department. Our staff are here to help understand your needs, regardless of what language you speak and seat you behind the wheel of the Mazda you want.

Every Mazda Is As Unique As You

Just as our customers represent diversity, so does each Mazda model. Mazda's are unique in its style, capabilities, and performance. And while we work hard to ensure we can talk to you effectively, our Mazda vehicles also have a way of communicating for themselves. It doesn't take speech to show off the performance-oriented capabilities of the MX-5, the beautifully sculpted form of the Mazda6, or the versatility of the CX-9. So while we find someone to sort out the finer details in your language, take the opportunity to test drive a finely crafted machine recognized and respected by its Mazda symbol around the world.

Financing Made Easy

When you are ready to Buy or Lease a Mazda, this is where our diverse finance team will step in and get you the approval you need for a lease or loan, regardless of credit. We can help form financing plans and explain your financing options based on your lifestyle and budget. We want you to confidently understand your monthly payment, interest rate, terms, and conditions.

Automotive Service Explained

Our Mazda Service Centre and Parts Centre is located right here at the dealership, so whenever your vehicle requires maintenance, repair, or parts, our technicians can help you. Since our Service and Parts Centre is situated onsite, we have resources and access to Prima Mazda staff that speak your language. Schedule your service appointment today, and when your vehicle is ready for pick up, we will have someone onsite who speaks your language. This will allow us to successfully communicate the work that was completed and any relevant information or additional work your vehicle may require.

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