What's Wrong With My Transmission

Transmission is one of the most important mechanical systems. Without a working transmission, your engine would not be able to send power to your wheels. It is highly recommended to repair your transmission if there ever is an issue so your vehicle can remain in great driving shape. Here are some common indicators that your transmission needs repair;

Slipping Transmission

Slipping transmission is the number one sign your transmission needs repair. If you are experiencing automatic transmission slipping, it can feel like your are driving in a certain gear and it suddenly change for no apparent reason. The noise from the engine may also change in pitch or start to sound like it's whining. If you find your car is having trouble shifting, be sure to schedule transmission repair right away.  

Shifting Troubles

Along with a slipping transmission, rough shifting is another sign that your transmission is in need of restoration. Some of the sign can include; your car refusing to go into gear or hearing a loud thudding sounds as your vehicle attempts to shift. You may also find it is getting more and more difficult to accelerate your vehicle. 

Leaking Fluid

If there are fluid leaking, it is a clear indication that your transmission is having problems. Transmission fluid is in charge of cooling, powering and lubricating your transmission. Without proper level of transmission fluid, the safety of your transmission is being compromised. If you notice a bright red stain underneath your car where you park, have a technician diagnose the issues.