In today's flooded marketplace you've never had more options at your disposal. It seems like everybody says their vehicles are the best deal you can get, but when it comes time to deliver they come up short. Mazda has been proud to supply Canada with quality vehicles for more than 45 years.

Mazda has established great relationships with Canadians by offering ground breaking, technological strides at prices that fit your needs. Although we are proud of our history in Canada, Mazda strives to stay ahead of our competition by looking towards the future and producing game changing products that are designed to inspire and excite our customers.

From stunning designs to revolutionary engineering, Mazda strives to give our customers just what they are looking for. Here are some reasons why buying a Mazda could be the best decision you've ever made.

Mazda strives to cater to your questions, concerns, and comments about our vehicles. When you enter a Mazda dealership you can expect a friendly, stress free atmosphere that allows you to browse and shop at your own pace. If you ever have any questions one of our qualified professional are always more than happy to help you to understand the inner workings of our vehicles or auto loans.

In order to make sure our customers are satisfied Mazda supplies superior quality vehicles at superior prices. We offer great rates on your auto loans no matter what your credit may be and superior warranties to ensure that our quality vehicles stay in top notch condition for you.

Mazda has customer service lines where you can always feel free to call and have your questions or concerns answer, but always feel free to come on into the dealership and one of our friendly professionals will be happy to help. Mazda listens to our customer's questions and concerns and take your comments into account when engineering our new vehicles. If you're looking for a superior buying experience Mazda will more than meet your needs.

If your looking for exciting technological advancements Mazda is the company you want to be dealing with. Mazda listens to our customer's wants and needs and design our vehicles to bring you just what you want. Our latest advancement in engineering has been our Skyactive Technology. Skyactive Technology gives our vehicles superior fuel economy without sacrificing performance, in fact it enhances it.

The Mazda Skyactive engine will lower your vehicles fuel consumption by 15%, that adds up to a lot of money saved over the course of your vehicles lifetime. The Skyactive engine also increase performance through the design of the piston's. A greater compression ratio translates to more energy and therefore more power. In fact the Skyactive engine improves our vehicles torque by 15% giving you hauling power you need for your active lifestyle.

Mazda's Skyactive technology doesn't stop with our engines, our revolutionary technology has also been applied to our vehicles transmissions as well. Mazda's Skyactive 6 speed transmission is available to you in automatic and standard as well. This game changing technology allows the driver a smooth shift, fast responsiveness, and a steady acceleration.

Mazda's Skyactive-Drive transmission will give you 7% more fuel efficiency and the fun and easy ride you've come to expect from Mazda. We are proud to offer you this technology at an affordable price. Come on into Mazda and see how this technology will give you that corner hugging feeling that makes every ride an enjoyable one.

These are not your every-day hum drum automobiles. Mazda has established itself as having stunning, fun to drive vehicles for years. Our smooth designs provide our customers with great looking vehicles, but also bragging rights for your friends and neighbours. Mazda has designed our vehicles to be beautiful from the inside-out giving you the look and feel you've been craving. Our aerodynamic designs help provide our customers with great looking vehicles, but also help to increase the fuel efficiency and maneuverability on the road.

On the interior, Mazda's electronic systems have been designed to complement our designs rather than standing out like a sore thumb. The HMI Commander switch is conveniently located below the shifter for easy to reach access to all your electronic needs. Turn, tilt, and push the HMI Commander switch to find whatever your looking for easily, while being able to remain focused on the road. Watch as our head turning vehicles inspire awe and jealousy in the people around you. Once you step into a Mazda your never going to want to leave.

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