Why Is Car Making Noise?

Noises are part of operating a vehicle, however there are some noises that you should not avoid.

  • If you hear any sound when turning a corner it is more likely this is related to the steering wheel. It either needs to be lubricated or is damaged and need replacement.
  • If you hear a clunking sound when braking, it could be a brake caliper is damaged, missing or not mounted properly.
  • If you hear a flapping sound, it could mean something is interfering with the fan or there is a belt that is disintegrating.
  • If you are driving a manual and you hear grinding while shifting, it could be the clutch. The clutch is either worn or requires adjusting. It could also indicate a deeper problem within transmission.
  • Hearing any hissing or sizzling sound under the hood when the engine is first shut off, something is leaking. Coolant or oil could be on a heating engine part such as the exhaust manifold or the engine could be overheating.
  • If you hear a low pitch humming or whirling sound under the car, it could be for multiple reasons. If it changes when you are accelerating, it may need lubricant, the transmission may be falling, the universal joints may be worn or wheel bearing could be shot.
  • If you hear a roaring sound that increases with acceleration, the firs thing to check is the exhaust system as it could be damaged. Another issue could be the transmission.  
If you hear any of these noises then have a qualified technician inspect your vehicle to prevent anything harmful happening to your vehicle.