Why Should I Change My Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is almost a forgotten fluid for many vehicle drivers; even those who regularly check their engine oil and tire pressure. While brake fluid is often neglected, as the lifeblood of your braking system, it has one of the biggest jobs of all.

Brake fluid transmits the pressure from your brake pedal to the mast cylinder and on to the calipers that clamp the brake pads and stop your wheels. Without brake fluid there are no brakes.

When should you change your brake fluid?

  • Although other fluids have expectations as to when a change or flush is required, brake fluid replacement has no standard between manufacturers.
  • Replace brake fluid every two years or 40,000 kilometers to prevent brake failure.
  • Replace brake fluid anytime a major brake replacement is being performed to ensure the brake system continues to work as designed.

What would you notice if your brake fluid was dangerously low or contaminated with water?

  • Low pedal
  • Spongy or dropping pedal ( especially if you're stepping on it several times as you drive down a hill)
  • High, firm pedal, which is a result of waiting too long for repair and some components have rusted and no longer move

While you are changing your break fluid, you should also learn about changing oil.